The Challenge of Learning US English: Index to Tarle Speech

The Challenge of Learning US English: Index to Tarle Speech

Thanks to Attila from the Challenge of Learning English for this amazing index of my pronunciation video lessons! Check out his work to learn how to use my videos to improve your speaking and reduce your accent.  Be more confident and better understood with free video lessons.

Homophones: words that sound the same

Homophones are words that are pronounced or said the same way.  Even though they are pronounced the same they are: 1.  spelled differently 2.  have different meanings Some common examples are: two (2), too and to plane and plain meet and meat been and bin disk and disc Click here for a video playlist of examples.

November 2016 Pronunciation Practice Challenge

Congratulations on taking the November Pronunciation Practice Challenge! Download your FREE calendar and TH practice sets below.  Each practice set includes directions, practice lists, and audio examples. November 2016 Practice Calendar  Voiced TH practice set Voiceless TH practice set  

ESL teachers: get your vowel sound teaching materials on iTunes

ESL teachers, improve your student’s English pronunciation today.  Help your students achieve clearer and more effective speech using Tarle Speech pronunciation ebooks for American vowel sounds.  Tarle Speech is pleased to announce that our sound packages are now available in two ebooks on the iTunes store. Through these valuable guides, you will: Learn how to teach each sound through clear instructions and close up video examples.  Then use the practice files to guide your students to achieve mastery of each sound through intensive practice sections These books include practice lessons developed by Jennifer Tarle M.A. CCC-SLP, a leading expert in ESL pronunciation.  Each practice lesson includes simple, clear, written instructions, video close ups of each sound, video examples of words and sentences,  and audio examples of words and sentences. The Tarle Speech method of ESL pronunciation training will get the results that you need to become a more effective English communicator.   Improve your

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