How to say words spelled with OULD

Today’s question is from an ESL speaker in the United States.  “Is a slight sound of an “l” in WOULD, no?” Words spelled with OULD are pronounced with two sounds:  Short oo and D.  No L sound is used.  This spelling combination of sounds is pronounced like the “OOD” in the words:  wood, good, stood. Here are some other examples: Would Should Could  

What is a heteronym?

Heteronyms are confusing. These words are spelled the same but are pronounced differently.  Depending on the pronuncitation, they have different meanings.  That is why it is so important to LISTEN to the pronunciation instead of relying on reading. Here are some examples: Close: Pronounced CLOZ means to shut. Pronounced CLOS means near. Bass: Pronounced BASE means an instrument. Pronounced BAS means the fish.

Homographs: different meaning and different pronunciation

Homographs are words that have the same spelling, but the meaning and pronunciations are different.  These are VERY difficult for most ESL speakers. For example: CLOSE Close (pronounced CLOZ) the door. Don’t stand so close (pronounced CLOS) to me. PROJECT The project (pronounced praw ject) is difficult. Please project (pronounced pro ject) your voice.

Homonyms: same sound, different meaning

Homonyms are words that are spelled and sound the same.  They confuse people because they have different meanings. Watch is a common homonym.  It can mean “to look” or a “clock”. Andrea wants to watch TV. My watch says it is 7:00. Get more homonyms here.

Long vowel sounds: Silernt E Rule

To determine if the vowel is long when you are reading, look for the silent “e”.  When a word ends in an e, the vowel before it is pronounced long.  For example: A:  short a…cap   long a with the silent “e” rule…cape E:  short e…pet   long e with the silent “e” rule…Pete I:  short i…pin   long i with the silent “e” rule…pine O:  short o…not   long o with the silent “e” rule…note U:  short u…cut   long a with the silent “e” rule…cute

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