Elephant seals 'recognize vocal rhythm'

Intonation in Elephant Seals

If Elephant Seals can recognize vocal rhythm then YOU can learn to recognize word stress and intonation!  

Bats learn from their crowd, just like humans

Human children learn an accent from peers.  This is why teen aged girls may sound very different than their parents.  New research reveals that this also happens with bats.  Fun read.  Check it out. Bat pups learn language from peers in colony, not from moms, study finds

The Challenge of Learning US English: Index to Tarle Speech

The Challenge of Learning US English: Index to Tarle Speech

Thanks to Attila from the Challenge of Learning English for this amazing index of my pronunciation video lessons! Check out his work to learn how to use my videos to improve your speaking and reduce your accent.  Be more confident and better understood with free video lessons.

The official Pittsburghese site

This site is just plain fun.  Not only does it provide great information on Pittsburghese, it has a tribute to Myron Cope, my favorite football announcer EVER, on the home page. http://www.pittsburghese.com/

Do you speak American?…Steel Town Speak

Learn a little more about Pittsburghese from this awesome PBS site.  Check out the video and Pittsburgh Speech and Society link for recordings of the accent. http://www.pbs.org/speak/seatosea/americanvarieties/pittsburghese/#

Can you please tell me your name again?

I just finished reading a great book, The Mind’s Eye, by Dr. Oliver Sacks.  Even though the book is mainly about vision, I did find several chapters interesting in terms of communication.  One chapter in particular is “Face Blind”.  Several of my accent clients have reported their struggles with remembering names.  They were embarrassed but admitted that the problem is because “all Americans look the same”.  Well, I have finally found a reason why this happens:  prosopagnosics, or face blindness.  Humans are predisposed to face identification.  But, it takes exposure to and practice to become very good at it.   If you are only exposed for a long period of time to people from your culture, then people outside of that culture will be harder to distinguish.  The good news is that the longer you are here, the easier it will become to recognize once unfamiliar features.  If it really becomes

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Baby Sitters Wanted: Foreign Language a MUST

Parents are always looking for a way to give their children a head start. With the ever-expanding global marketplace, people are realizing that foreign languages are needed more than ever. Now parents have a new priority, foreign language skills. Since many Americans only speak English, people are looking for outlets for language instruction. The New York Times reports that families are looking for foreign-speaking baby sitters. While you might not want to be a sitter, this article demonstrates, yet again, the benefits of foreign language skills.   Looking For Baby Sitters:  Foreign Language a Must

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