Difficult Sound Combinations - American English ESL Pronunciation Lessons Playlist

Improve your accent and speak clearly with pronunciation lessons on American English consonant sounds. These sound combinations are very difficult for ESL speakers. Reduce your accent and speak clearly by mastering these difficult sound combinations.

Why Do I Make These Mistakes?

Accent mistakes are related to the lack of a sound in your native language. When you don’t have a sound, then you just leave it out of the word, or replace it. If you replace it, typically you use a sound that is “close” to the sound that you do not have in your repertoire. If you leave off a…

How do you learn a new accent?

How do you learn a new accent? Let me answer that by using myself as an example.  I wanted a more standard American accent.  The accent you hear in Julia Robert’s movies; something general, from anywhere USA.  I knew that I used some vocabulary that was different like redd up, rift, and slippy.  So…

Help! I don't think I am making progress!

Many of my clients complain that they are not making progress.  They say "people still can’t tell the difference or understand me!" True. Not yet. The problem is that speech is a complex skill. In order to be able to use new sounds during conversation, you must move through a hierarchy of…

Online converter of English text to IPA

Need to know how to pronounce a word?  Need to know the IPA translation?  Then the online converter of English text to IPA phonetic transcription will translate your English text into its phonetic transcription using International Phonetic Alphabet.  

The Challenge of Learning US English: Index to Tarle Speech

Thanks to Attila from the Challenge of Learning English for this amazing index of my pronunciation video lessons! Check out his work to learn how to use my videos to improve your speaking and reduce your accent.  Be more confident and better understood with free video lessons.

Jennifer has an accent? Really?

Yes I have an accent.  I grew up in Elizabeth, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh.  My family speaks with an accent that we proudly refer to as Pittsburghese. Pittsburghese is a regional dialect from the Pittsburgh, PA area.  Southwestern, PA to be exact.   The dialect has its own vocabulary, grammar, and…

Why do people have an accent?

Why do you have an accent?  Three reasons:  sound rules, sound discrimination, and motor patterns. Sound rules: Each language has sounds and rules for combining these sounds.  When we learn a language in school or as an adult, we typically aren’t taught sounds or sound rules.  We learn grammar but…

What is a voiced sound?

  A voiced sound is category of consonant sounds made while the vocal cords vibrate. All vowels in English are voiced, to feel this voicing, touch your throat and say AAAAH.  Feel that movement in your neck?  That is voicing. Consonants can be either voiced or voiceless.  Some consonant sounds…

Free Interviews with Jennifer Tarle

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