Where are Baby’s Easter Eggs? By Karen Katz

In this book, baby needs to find the Easter eggs. Your child needs to help!

Karen Katz brings us another great book for the Easter season: “Where are Baby’s Easter Eggs?” The repetitive lines of the story are great for teaching sentence structure, questions, yes and no responses, and spring vocabulary.

Moo, Baa, La La La By: Sandra Boynton

Moo, Baa, La La La By: Sandra Boynton is fantastic.  In fact, I LOVE this book!  Kids love it, too. It is one of the books that I always take to my first therapy sessions.  Yes, it is simple.  That is what makes it great!  It promotes interaction.  It allows the child to “read” with you by saying the animal sounds.  It is a great way to work on turn taking. I like to use it with early communicators.  The animal sounds are easier than words.  Children want to read it over and over.  They experience success and get a lot of practice. Pick up a copy.  I bet it will become a favorite.

Happy Valentine’s Day book review

Karen Katz comes through again with another great, holiday themed, lift a flap book:  Where Is Baby’s Valentine? As always, these lift a flap books are great for working on questions, answers, locations, and new vocabulary. Why not give your child the gift of time this Valentine’s Day? Read this great Karen Katz book with your little one. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Learning Resources-Smart Snacks Hide ‘N Peek Chocolates

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I found a box of truffles that your child will love.  Don’t worry!  They won’t be climbing the walls from all of the sugar.  They will actually be sitting contentedly, playing for hours. Learning Resources-Smart Snacks Hide ‘N Peek Chocolates come with 12 pieces of candy that fit into a cute heart box.  The candies come in 6 shapes and 6 colors.  The lids come in dark and light chocolate.  Your child needs to match the shapes of the chocolates to the box then find the correct shape for the top of the candy.   You can use this toy to role play, to match, and to play a memory game. In therapy sessions, I’ve used this toy to teach manners, to work on asking skills, and to help children expand their sentence length through adjectives.  It’s great for learning shapes, colors, sizes, light versus

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Mr. Potato Head

This is a blast from the past for most parents.  Yes, you can still buy Mr. Potato Head.  He also has a wife and kids.  Mr. Potato Head’s brother, really likes Star Wars.  Mr. Potato Head dresses up for Halloween and is a super hero.  In his old age, he has become quite the Renaissance man! Mr. Potato Head is cheap and fun.  Kids love it.  I have two: a boy and a girl.  When I take them out, kids can’t get enough. This toy allows you to interact with your little one.  You can work on listening and speaking.  Your child can: name the body parts direct you to put various parts onto the potato follow directions to find parts that are placed around the room wait for a turn take a turn use describing words (blue hat or yellow hat) make choices (boy or girl, lips or teeth) answer

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The Very Sleepy Sloth

I found a great book to work on S blends:  The Very Sleepy Sloth. This cute book about an adorable, but snoozy sloth, is loaded with S blends.  Practice words like: sloth sleepy slow snooze speed strength swing spring If your little one is struggling to pronounce the S plus the other sound in the blend, try a visual cue.  Put your hand on your shoulder and slowly move it down your arm towards your hand while saying SSSSSSSSSS.  When you reach your hand, clap your hands for the next sound:  L, N, P, W, etc.   Practice the S blend words first, then try reading the book with the S blends.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Fishing Game

  I love “old school”, quiet toys. Melissa and Doug always deliver in the “old school” department! This brightly colored, ocean scene draws kids in. They can’t wait to get their hands on the puzzle. Then the kids learn that there is a fishing rod. Look out! This puzzle is easy for most children. Catching a fish isn’t too difficult. The puzzle is interactive and invites conversation. It is a great way to work on describing words (big, red, squid), to learn new vocabulary (turtle, stingray, sea horse), and verbs (I caught a fish!, She has the turtle.) Pick one up today. Happy fishing!

Ghost Eats It All!

Ghost Eats It All by Janee Trasler is one of my all time favorite Halloween books.  The story is simple, repetitive line book that tells the tale of a cute ghost with a voracious appetite.  The cute ghost makes the monster jealous because he won’t share. Kids love to retell the story’s simple repetitive lines by looking at the pictures. Use this book to work on retelling stories and using sentences.  Have fun!    

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